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On Purpose

CEO Programme


Part-time over six months, the programme will help you become more effective as a leader, give you the skills and support to complete a critical transformation in your organisation and connect you with a long-term community of peers.

The programme design focuses on three themes: purpose clarified; purpose in action; and purpose amplified.

  • Purpose clarified

    Is your purpose clear and in tune with your organisation's?

  • Purpose in action

    Do you have the knowledge and skills to put this purpose into action and achieve its full potential?

  • Purpose amplified

    Are you and your organisation making an impact beyond your immediate sphere of influence?


What you get out of the CEO Programme

  • Growth

    Grow as a person and as a leader of your organisation.

  • Organisational development

    Examine and develop the efficacy and impact of your organisation.

  • Community

    Join a vibrant community of like-minded leaders.

Who we look for

  • Leadership

    You are the CEO or Managing Director of a purpose-led organisation 

  • Change

    You are embarking on significant change

  • Progress

    You are committed to making improvements in your own and your organisation's performance

  • Growth

     You are part of an organisation that:

    • Has been operating for at least 5 years
    • Has at least 10 employees
    • Generates more than £1,000,000 turnover

Partner organisations

The CEO Programme is supported by the Centerbridge Foundation and a number of other organisations who aim to invest in the impact and effectiveness of purpose led organisations.

  • Financial and in-kind support

  • Partner for talent management

  • Partner for impact management 

  • Partner for strategic finance

Interested in joining the CEO Programme?

After three great cohorts, we are taking stock to understand if and how we can improve the programme. If you'd like us to let you know when we re-launch, please register your interest here