Am I eligible to apply to the programme?
When does the programme start and end?
Is this programme full-time?
How does Brexit impact EU applicants?
What sorts of things will I be involved in as an Associate?
Do I get to choose my placements? Can you tell me more about the matching process?
Will I gain some insight into the placements the other Associates are on?
What kind of placement organistions does On Purpose work with?
Where is the programme based?
I am a parent or guardian, is flexible working an option?
Will I get paid?
Why only £25,645
What support will I get?
What do you mean by mentoring and coaching?
Will you help me find a job after the placements end?
How many people stay on at their placements?
Do people stay in touch after they leave On Purpose?
Will I get time off?
Who is behind On Purpose?
Is On Purpose a charity?
What is On Purpose’s business model?