On Purpose


How does this differ from other leadership programmes?

Executive On Purpose’s CEO Programme is a long-term intervention designed to enable both personal and organisation growth. It blends CEO, senior team and board chair learning, and supports active and focused problem-solving on an issue that is core to your organisation. In addition, a cornerstone of the programme is your self-designed ‘Organisation Impact Project’, which allows you focus your time and energy on an issue or opportunity that is critical to your or your organisation’s success.

I understand this programme has never been run before, how will I know it will work ?

We have and are actively recruiting top caliber faculty and partners and are confident of bringing together a diverse and exciting group of participants. As this will be the inaugural cohort, we are exceptionally interested in refining the course to meet the needs of the participating CEOs. We are looking for participants who will take an active role in shaping their learning and contributing to the overall programme development.

I am the CEO of a charity or SME, not a social enterprise. Can I still apply?

Absolutely. The CEO Programme is for senior leaders of purpose-led organisations. We encourage applications from charity and SME CEOs.

I am the CEO of a start-up. Can I apply?

Through our extensive market research and personal experience, we believe the issues facing CEOs of start-ups differ from CEOs of more mature organisations. With this in mind, we are limiting participation to CEOs of established organisations.

When does the programme start?

The third cohort of the CEO Programme will finish in June 2019, and we are currently planning future cohorts. Please be in touch via email to contact@onpurpose.org to check in on future dates.

I am based outside of London. Can I participate?

Yes, definitely. The CEO Programme is designed it to enable leaders from across the UK (and even farther!) to participate. All that is required during the six-month period is your attendance at two residentials and one half-day working session a month, in Months 2, 3 and 5. During Month 4, you and your top team will participate in a full-day working session with an expert. If you are outside of London, we will work with you to find a solution that fits your needs. For the full-day simulated board meeting in Month 4, we ask for you and your board chair to join us in London.

How big are your cohorts?

The first three cohorts of the CEO Programme have sat between 8 - 10 people, and we will likely expand this number in future cohorts. No cohort will be more than 20 people, as we have found this to be an optimal size to develop a strong community, while allowing for significant individual attention.

What partners and faculty are involved?
We have an exceptional and expanding community of partners that includes:

The Centerbridge Foundation, McKinsey & Co, ghSMART & Company, and Bridges Ventures.  Faculty members include: Alan Foster (ghSMART & Company), Kanada Gorla (SHINE in changing times), Terri McBride (Bridger Ridge Consulting), and Martin Sandbrook (The Schumacher Institute).

I am not sure if the Organisation Impact Project I have designed is appropriate for this programme. Will someone help me refine it?

Designing an appropriate and relevant Organisation Impact Project is a crucial part of you and your organisation’s successful programme experience. During the first residential you will have the chance to refine your project with input from your coach, peers and others.

How much does this programme cost?

The programme costs £10,000 + VAT, including all residential costs. It does not include travel costs. We have worked to keep costs to a minimum, and are relying on our strategic partners and faculty to deliver an extremely high-quality programme at an accessible price point. We believe the cost compares very favourably to comparable programmes on a cost per day basis and is very good value compared to programmes of this level of quality, scope and scale.

Are there bursaries or any tuition support?

We are working with a number of partners to see if we can leverage subsidies. We are keen to ensure that the cost does not create a barrier to people’s involvement so please get in touch and we can discuss these options as they become available.

Additionally if you receive any grant funding, we suggest you talk to your funders as money for capacity building can sometimes be made available.