On Purpose


How does the Pathfinder programme differ to the Associate Programme?

The Pathfinder Programme is a 5 month online course where you will use the principles of design thinking to help you create a life and career with intention and purpose. The six fortnightly facilitated, workshops and peer led sessions works alongside your work and life. 

The Associate Programme is a year-long, full time leadership programme. You give up your current job to join and go to work in two work placements at purpose-driven organisations. This on the job learning is complemented by an weekly intensive learning and development programme. You are also partnered with an executive coach and mentor to support you through the year long programme. 

Both programmes are deeply participatory and both enable you to connect deeply to yourself but also to a network of peers that are asking similar questions about the contribution they want to make to the world through their life and work.

Do you have a mentor and coach on the Pathfinder Programme?

On the Pathfinder Programme, we do not partner participants with a coach and mentor like we do in the year long Associate Programme. 

However peer coaching and support is a key element of the programme. Between each fortnightly workshop, peers meet to build trust and accountability, share ideas and help each other keep momentum.

Do you give careers advice as part of the Pathfinder Programme?

We are not a careers advisory programme but the Pathfinder Programme is all about finding direction and creating a life full of purpose, meaning and positive energy. Some participants focus on changes to their career whilst for others it is about better aligning their life to their values. 

We give you the tools to get clarity on what you want in your life and work and empower you to make those changes.