On Purpose Pathfinder Programme


Are you looking to move your life in a new direction? Do you want your work and your life to fit with your own values?

This uncertain time has led many of us to question our purpose and whether how we live is in line with what we believe is good for ourselves and our world.

For ten years On Purpose has been helping people transition into careers, but more profoundly lives, with more meaning and purpose. 

We invite you to explore how you can make changes in your own life through our newest course, the On Purpose Pathfinder programme.  Using the principles of design thinking embedded in our existing work, you’ll gain a new sense of purpose and confidence - and be ready to lead a purposeful life in our uncertain world.

How life design can help you


What you'll get out of the On Purpose Pathfinder Programme

  • Gain clarity of direction

    Achieve new clarity on the direction you want to travel and the positive impact you want to make

  • Explore possibilities

    Get a sense of excitement and possibility about your life

  • Join a community

    Build new friends and allies for your journey 

  • Build new resolve

    Gain new resolve in dealing with uncertainty and change

  • Take action

    Be ready to take action to build your future

  • Learn new tools

    Learn new tools which will help you make that journey

Your programme

This intensive course will contain:

  • Six two and a half hour live, facilitated online seminars

  • Personal action and group discussion to stretch your learning

  • Peer support groups to help support and guide you

  • Guided activities between each seminar to develop your thinking

  • Expert ‘life design’ coach leading each live seminar

  • Follow up session to ensure that you feel supported in your journey

Live seminars

Your live seminars will focus on:

  • Workshop 1: Understanding and Connecting

  • Workshop 2: Creating a Life Vision

  • Workshop 3: Framing your Challenge

  • Workshop 4: Generating Possibilities

  • Workshop 5: Making it Happen

  • Fireside chat with Tom Rippin

  • Workshop 6: Maintaining Momentum

Facilitator - Femke

Femke van der Veer is a highly experienced facilitator who is passionate about helping people, teams and organisations create their future. She has run ‘life design’ workshops at some of the world’s top universities, business schools and organisations. Combining her extensive experience in both Industrial Design and Business, Femke applies design thinking and creative problem solving to strategic, organisational and personal leadership challenges.

Facilitator - Katherine

Until recently, Katherine Hewetson co-led the On Purpose Associate Programme in London as Head of Learning and Development. In her three years at On Purpose she supported over 100 Associates to transition to lives and careers more aligned to their values and skills. Katherine is an experienced facilitator and has a background in corporate social responsibility, adult learning as well as running her own fair trade textile company.

Facilitator - Tom

Tom Rippin founded On Purpose in 2009. Through various programmes, On Purpose has helped over 600 people explore their professional purpose. Tom speaks and writes frequently on the subject of purpose and its relationship to the transformational shift we need to bring about in our organisations and our economy. Tom's background was originally in cancer research and then management consulting.

Process for joining the programme

The process for joining the programme has two steps: first, you apply through an online form; if we think you might be a good fit for the On Purpose Pathfinder Programme we'll invite you to reserve your place.

Who we look for

This programme is for individuals at any point in their career or life who want to take action, it is for people who want to better understand the contribution they want to make to the world but also who want to look at new possibilities. 

The programme offers a wonderful opportunity to deeply connect to yourself but also with others who are asking themselves the same questions. 

It’s important to understand the programme is not just about the big changes you might make to your life or career, the programme also encourages you to look at those simple smaller changes. Changes to your mindsets or making new habits that really can shift things for you in your life.


The cost of this intensive, expert programme is £875.

If you feel you are a brilliant fit for this programme but don’t have the means to join a limited number of means-tested bursary places are available - please contact us for more details.

Payment in installments is available - please contact us for more details.

On Purpose is a not-for-profit organisation, and any surplus made from this programme will be reinvested into our work with people and organisations to build a world that works for everyone, within planetary boundaries.


Pathfinder Programme FAQs

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