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black history month
A History of Black History Month

In our weekly marketing meeting a few weeks back, one of the agenda items was “Black History Month - coming up” and the topic for discussion was what should we do for it. I felt that familiar feeling in my stomach that occurs anytime this agenda...

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October 2022 placements
Meet our October 2022 placement organisations

During their time on the Associate Programme, our Associates work in two purpose-driven organisations and get hands-on experience with challenging industry projects. Placement hosts can be social enterprises, social divisions of for-profit...

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world mental health day blog
Why it’s not OK to be not OK

On 18th April 2019 I lost my Dad to suicide. That moment will be forever imprinted in my mind. I remember my blood curdling scream, blocking out all life. Being suspended in a never ending moment of silent sickening horror. In the months and...

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budget blog
Not the budget we need - mini or otherwise

Last Friday saw Kwasi Kwarteng, the UK’s new chancellor, announce his first budget - or his mini-budget to be precise. A Chancellor’s first budget is their opportunity to set a new course for the country, to share their vision for the UK’s...

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fash fashion blog header
The Fast Fashion Trade-off

For the past decade, many of our recreational decisions and desires have been influenced by social media. Whether it's choosing to go on certain holiday destinations, restaurants, or choosing what outfits to wear and picking what’s trending....

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